Trout Unlimited is successful largely due to the many hours of support that people just like you provide. We appreciate everything you do!

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Kara Rockett-Arsenault

As the Coordinator of  FRTU Trout In The Classroom, Kara helps ensure this program runs smoothly year-in and year-out one classroom at a time.


Vincent rogers

Sierra Institute Fellow. Vincent is in charge of the Basin-Wide Fish Assessment for FRTU. This work will consist of assessing historic distributions of fish species within the watershed, investigating watershed and habitat conditions that affect fishery quality, and identifying current distributions of fish species using an exciting new sampling technique that reveals presence and absence of species by examining eDNA (environmental DNA, extracted from small bits of tissue suspended in the water column). Vincent will then collate all of this information into a cohesive and comprehensive basin-wide restoration strategy for the watershed.


shane kibble

Web Designer for FRTU. With beginnings in Montana and Idaho, Shane is passionate about preserving fisheries so future generations (including his own children) can create life-long  memories of recreating in the outdoors.


Leila hughes

Chief Editor for FRTU. Leila is a seasoned editor having been the Head of Marketing Communications for some of Silicon Valley's largest companies.