In the Spring of 2011 Feather River Trout Unlimited applied for a $40,000 grant to do a watershed assessment for the Little Truckee River from the diversion structure downstream to the Stampede Reservoir delta. FRTU was awarded the grant and will begin implementing the study sometime in 2013. FRTU is not studying the fishery here since this portion of the stream carries mostly non-native fish — Kokanee, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout — and is a planting site for California Fish and Game. There is also the possibility that there could be small mouth bass and Lake Trout here since they (with Large Mouth Bass) are in Stampede Reservoir. The Kokanee run up this reach of the LTR is large enough to generate 50% of all the eggs California Fish and Game need for their entire hatchery program in the state. They trap thousands of spawning Kokes in weirs above the reservoir. This reach of the river is to remain a recreational fishery with planters for a put and take fishery.